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10 Tricks With 3 Juggling Rings

If you can juggle the 3 Ring Cascade (the first trick you should learn), then here are some reasonably simple tricks to learn next!

Butterfly Catch – Catch a ring and turn it round, so that it is touching your arm (it should be hooked over your thumb). When you next catch in the hand, you will now have two rings in one hand that are overlapping each other. When you throw both rings at the same time, one goes high and one stays low and you can repeat the butterfly catch or quickly change to another trick!

Stack Rings on Neck – A good way to finish your ring routine is to place each ring around your neck as you catch them. This requires a lot of practice. If you can put all three rings around your neck, try immediately taking them off one by one without breaking your rhythm and continue to juggle! When taking a ring off your neck, let it brush the back of your head. This should stop the ring from hitting your nose and ears on the way up!

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