Common Disk Failures

article breaks it down for you in the different types of failure.


The printed circuit board (PCB) controls, communicates and coordinates between the hard disk and the computer to read and write data. Data loss occurs when a power surge damages the PCB. It is also possible that the pre-amplifier circuit of the read-write head is damaged. The common symptoms of this failure are the occurrence of a clicking sound, disk knocking or when a powered-up drive shows no sign of function.

Mechanical Failures

Mechanical failures usually happen due to wear and tear or a physical crash. The read-write head and motors can become kaput without any warning. The symptoms of a mechanical failure are clicking, grinding sounds. Sometimes, no sound emanates from the hard disk due to the fact that the motor has frozen.

Logical Failures

Logical failures refer to non-physical failures. These include accidental deletion or formatting, file corruption, virus or malware attacks and other common bugs. Even corrupted Microsoft office files, databases or mail folders can also lead to logical failures. The computer might prompt you to execute a chkdsk function but the rule of thumb is to avoid doing so.

Firmware Failures

Only disk manufacturers will have access to the firmware. The software is for them to perform low-level disk testing and other functions that help to ensure the healthy state of the hard drive. Without the firmware co

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