2007 Future Technology and Trends to Watch For

What will be the biggest news and trends in 2007? What are some of the technologies we should watch? What can we expect and what should we be keeping an eye on these days? Well not long ago our Online Think Tank considered this subject and it was deemed that the list of trends was growing and it would be a full time effort to keep a watchful eye on all this. Below is a partial list of notable things we considered;


High Tech Sport Equipment
Environmental Technologies
Clean Water Technologies
Earthquake Prediction
Volcanic Research
Global Warming
Chinese Pollution
Hurricane Research
Middle Eastern Politics
Alternative Fuels
Brain Research
Aviation Technologies
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Video Computer Games
Super Computers
Quantum Computing
Non-Profit Fundraising
World Economic Trends
Online Article Submission Websites
Online Article Author Advances
2007 Trends in Robotic Parking Structures
Material sciences
E85 Ethanol
Government Regulatory Trends
General Aviation
Housing Markets
Automotive Industry
Digital Libraries
Hybrid Vehicles
Legal Reform
Manufacturing Sector
Robotics Industry
Nano Technology
Commercialization of Space
Communication Satellites
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Truck Technologies
Illegal Immigrations
Consumer Debt
Bird Flu

Of course with any list like this you can imagine the number of items which did not make the list but did indeed come so close. This list started with 400 items and these are the subjects that the list was reduced too.

This project took about 500 man hours and still one has to wonder if it is complete, as there are always new things on the horizon which pop up every day in the realms of science and technology and world events.

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