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A Brief Overview of the History Of Stucco

Stucco is a material used in architectural projects for walls and ceilings; it is also used for sculpting and other artistic endeavors in the architectural world. While used for well more than one hundred years,Guest Posting this material has undergone a few changes in an effort to improve its usability and longevity. This brief look at the history of stucco will help you understand how and where it is used and what materials are used in its composition.

Initially, stucco was made from lime and sand and was used both on the interior and exterior of building projects. When used outside, it was applied over a hard surface such as brick or stone. Traditionally, application of this material was accomplished in three coats. A scratch coat was the first coat and was allowed to fully dry or “cure” before any other coats were applied. The next coat, the brown coat, was applied and leveled to make sure the surface was smooth and even. Once the brown coat had completely dried, the top coat was applied. This top coat (called a finish coat) was typically completed by hand and it was here that the artistic elements were added. Typically, this covering was known by its unique texture.

In more recent times, stucco has gone through some changes to make it more durable and useful. There is usually some sort of support built into the process to reinforce it and prevent cracking. Often, today’s applications are completed in a two-step process instead of the traditional three-step process. However, there are several different techniques that can be used in the successful application of this building material.

Stucco is loved for its durability and low maintenance needs. You are probably most familiar with seeing this material on Spanish style homes, although it is not limited to that type of application. Since the process (and even the materials used in the composition) has changed since it was first used, its longevity and usability has increased.

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