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Auto Trends We’d Love to See!

Automotive technology continues to impact car engineering, bringing forth technologies which can help squeeze more power and torque out of an engine while improving fuel economy.

The internal combustion engine isn’t about to disappear, but it certainly doesn’t behave like past generation carburetor sparked models. Today’s engines feature fuel injection, turbochargers, multiple valves per cylinder and are often made from aluminum. Powerful and lightweight, you get more oomph even when the motor weighs significantly less.

New Technologies

But engines, transmissions and other under the hood components aren’t the only stuff being changed with today’s cars. New technologies are rolling out that impact safety, passenger comfort and even internet connectivity while others are being worked on and refined for many years down the line.

Let’s take a look at some important auto trends on the horizon. Stuff we’d love to see in our upcoming vehicles:

Going Online – Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, lots of people can access the Internet from their cars. But offering full access from the driver’s panel hasn’t been something automakers are concerned with, given the distractibility of these screens. Mercedes has found a solution: the German automaker has developed a split screen, one where the front passenger sees the Internet while the driver only sees the usual cabin commands. Rear passengers in many cars already enjoy this sort of technology.

Staying Safe – Automakers long resisted adding safety devices to their cars, but today’s consumers want and are willing to pay for them. Airbags, side curtain airbags, knee airbags and traction and stability control are co

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