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Business Branding – Seven Steps For Branding Your Company

materials and stationery.

Over the last 6 years I have learned a number of lessons through our re brand and have concluded that:

  1. Selecting the right branding agency is critical and make sure that they can fully understand the nature of your business.
  2. If you can’t explain your business, then the brand design agency wont understand it either which may result in a brand that is unsuitable for your company.
  3. Obsession with a graphical logo is pointless; quite often and less striking word mark may have greater impact.
  4. Ensure that you live your brand and uphold the quality artwork you have paid for.
  5. Saving money on cheap printed materials may damage your brand
  6. Leave brand marketing to the big boys – its expensive and has a long payback time


Chris Hallett has been at the helm of Harper Hallett Consulting Ltd for 6 years; with over 20 years experience in Project and Programme Management, he has now forged a successful career as a business advisor, coach and published author.

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