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Cat Flaps – Keep Your Cat Happy by Letting It Roam Free

That cat’s behave as though they own your house and you are there to serve them. That bossy demeanor, you have to admit, is part of what makes cats so great to have as pets. Mind you this behavior is also a source of problems for some cat owners. If your cat, for example, has been indoors for a long time, it may want to get out. Should your cat now have its own path out of the house, you might get pestered all day to let it out, until you give in. Suppose you do let it out, and then worry later on when it will actually come back home. If want you to pamper your cat a bit and avoid being mewed into submission, you might as well start shopping for cat flaps.

Pet doors for cats are basically frames with plastic flaps that usually swing open both ways. Various models can offer four-way settings – open only, close only, open both ways, and lock. Some models have an option that opens one way and then lock – good for locking up for the night. Once your cat comes home, it stays home.

Cat flaps can be installed on many types of doors, and even on walls – you just have to find the right model for it. The wall could be thick, which would require some additional “tunnels” to properly install the cat flap. For those cat owners aware that pet flaps can let the heat out, there are insulated cat flaps that minimize energy loss through three (not just one) flap used. This system reduces heat loss through a constant pocket of air maintained between the flaps. The idea is one flap open means another behind it already closed off.

Compared to flaps used by dogs, cat flaps are generally smaller. Because of that they are much less prone to being used by burglars. Also, be sure to install the cat flap at the lowest point of your door. That way, your cat won’t have to jump through.

If you’re worried about thieves and other pets coming in, you can get automatic pet flaps, or cat doors. In that set up your cat wears a collar that a mechanism in the cat door senses. When your cat gets near enough, the door automatically open to let your cat in, or out. Just keep tabs on when the battery on the collar will run out, so that your cat won’t be locked in or out when the cat door becomes unresponsive.

Remember to settle down on normal or automatic flaps, whether to get one for door or wall installation, whether extra tunnels are neede

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