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Coaching Youth Football Poorly, How to Spot a Poorly Coached Team

of this, little of that and very little scoring too. Most of these teams run too many football plays and the coach seems to always be looking for that one holy grail of football plays to pull his offense out of the slump. These offenses often change from week to week.




The head coach is responsible for choosing the offensive scheme, teaching it and in most cases, calling the football plays. There are plenty of offenses designed for even small and slow teams. There is no reason why every youth football team in America shouldn’t be averaging at least 20 points a game, even poor teams. If your head coach or organizations teams consistently average less than 20 points a game, the offensive scheme is either poor, or it doesn’t fit the kids.

By the way, the kids aren’t having any fun if they are getting shut out 4 of 9 games, kids want to score touchdowns. The head coach chooses the scheme, he is 100% responsible for his choice, hence if his system and his football plays fails to consistently score points, it was a poor choice and his decision making skills should come into question. What more is good youth football coaching other than the summation of well made decisions? If the coaches ego is so tied to the existing way of doing things that he will not make changes that will benefit the kids, what does this say about the coach? Is he in this for himself or the kids?

If you are stuck coaching youth football or playing on a team like this, please ask yourself or the head coach; “What exact changes are going to happen this year that are going to insure that the team will score more points than the previous season?” “What exactly, specifically is going to change this year that is different from last year?”

If the coaches answer is “Gee I hope we get a better “X” player”, Houston there is a problem. Putting your hope in the football fairies to drop the next Barry Sanders in your lap is not sound youth football coaching and is the mantra of the excuse maker coach that wants to make the game 100% about who has the most talent, a lottery of sorts. That’s why I don’t recruit stud players, if the local stud baseball, wrestler or basketball player wants to play for us, great we will make sure everyone on his wrestling, baseball and basketball team has one of our flyers. But I could care less if the stud shows or not, we are going to do well with wha

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