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Cosmetic Surgery Costs – Information on the Cost of Surgery

In this write up, we try and give a basic heads up on the most commonly conducted plastic surgery procedures in various markets, especially in the US and also look at the cosmetic surgery cost of these procedures. Please note that the costs may vary amongst different states and between different clinics.


One of the most important aspects to getting a plastic surgery procedure done is to research on the different procedures that are there in the markets. You should look into things like the surgeon that will perform your surgery, his qualifications and certifications, the equipments that the surgeons are going to be using to conduct the procedures, as well as the cosmetic surgery cost involved in getting these procedures done on yourself.

Broadly speaking, there are three most common types of plastic surgery procedures that are popular in the US. These include cosmetic surgery procedures for breast/chest enhancement/reduction, skin/acne treatment and procedures that help with weight loss. In short, anything that has something to do with looking good! All these procedures however come at a cost and cosmetic surgery cost varies widely across procedures and the complexity of these procedures as well as the different states that they are performed in.

For instance, the average cosmetic surgery cost of getting breast augmentation would be, as a rough average, about $6000. This might go up to say $8000 or possibly down to $4000, depending upon the procedures being used to carry it out. Similarly, there can be a lot of variation in the surgery cost for getting liposuction done. Mostly, the cost of liposuction procedures is directly dependent upon the number of body parts that need to be addressed. On an average, the cost of surgery for liposuction on one body part would be about $3000, the cost for two to three body parts would be about $5000 and about $10000 if you need to get liposuction done on more than five body parts.

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