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Don’t Destroy Your Search Engine Rankings

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a practice often undertaken by businesses looking to get their web sites ranked higher in search engines. While the search engines do offer advertising options where its simply a question of how much you are willing to spend to get shown at the top of the advertising pile, natural search results, in other words what people see after they search for an item, produce better results and click throughs (people actually clicking on

SEO shouldn’t be some mysterious act either. Any self respecting firm that offers SEO services wouldn’t be shy to tell you what they are going to do, what they have done and report to you the results of what has been achieved. The best yardstick to measure an SEO firm by is what kind of guarantee they give you.

Lets take two SEO firms. Firm A promises to get you ranked number 1 in Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Firm
B promises to get you ranked higher than you are now and describes how they do that. You might already surmise that Firm B is the more trustworthy of the two. But when it comes to your business and the fact that Firm A will probably have “testimonials” from so called customers as to how wonderful their service is, it can be difficult to determine someones credibility.

The bottom line is, NO ONE can get you ranked number 1 on the search engines. Not even employees of those services. So there is no way that another company can make you number 1. If you looked more carefully at the guarantee you would realise that Firm A is talking about getting you ranked number 1 if people search for your companys name. To be perfectly honest, any half baked web designer can get you ranked number 1 on your company name… but how many people who know what service or product they want search by company names? They don’t! They search by the product or service they need. So being number one in the list when people search for your company in Google is not much of an achievement.

Firm B then. They promise to get an improvement in your search engine rankings. T

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