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Hybrids And Werewolves Share A Common Trait: Efficiency

What is a Werewolf but a part wolf, and a part human? Werewolves had the guile of a man and the bite of a wolf. Likewise, Frankenstein’s monster was a hotchpotch of old body parts put together with some electricity. Even the Greeks had their idea of a hybrid; it was Chimaera, had a head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent. The modern equivalent of these flights of fancy is the modern gas-electric automobile called the Hybrid. Today such vehicles exist from manufacturers as diverse as Ford, Honda, and Toyota. Even BMW and Daimler-Benz are busy jointly developing Hybrids that’ll be ready for the market by 2009. And Porsche, the hallmark of racing success, is hurrying the development of a Hybrid engine for the upcoming 2007 Porsche Cayenne. With the continuous rise in gas prices, Hybrid vehicles offer the newest of the fuel-efficient technology. Soon every car maker from Mazda to Maserati will be jumping on this particular gravy train, and for good reason.

Purchasing a Hybrid today is the modern day equivalent of taking control of higher gas prices while living the Jetsons’ lifestyle. There are nine Hybrids on the market today. Toyota leads the way with the second generation Prius posting the highest fuel efficiency at the lowest cost. For MSRP of $21,725 you get efficacy of 60 mpg city/51mpg hwy. This practical, yet sophisticatedly designed four-door, five-passenger automobile makes a statement. It says “green-mobile” anywhere you go. The endless surge of energy provided by its notably silent, but frugal engine will make you feel elated as you drive mile-after-mile with the fuel gauge stuck on full, seemingly its permanent position. Additionally, its spaciously interior, exceptionally comfortable seats, outstanding build quality, and original styling makes the Toyota Prius an excellent buy in any category. The 2006 Prius is the complete Jetsons’ vehicle available today. Rejoice, as the sci-fi future we once yearned for is finally here.

Depending on your personality, you now have the choice between a Hybrid that looks like a traditional car or not. Unlike the distinctive Toyota Prius, the Honda Accord Hybrid and the Toyota

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