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Investing in Gold Coins – Which Coin Is Your Best Investment?

With turbulence and uncertainty in the economy, more investors are looking at alternatives to the usual stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. More investors are becoming interested in precious metals, especially gold, as an opportunity for diversifying their investment portfolios. One of the factors driving this interest is the fact that many experts believe that gold at present is much undervalued. Some have been making claims that its price could rise by another 50%. Since 1999, the price of gold has risen over 500%. For those investors considering moving some of their portfolio out of the volatility of the stock market they will be reassured to know that over the last 10 years gold has outperformed the market by 400%.

Rising Debt and the Shrinking Dollar

Imagine what a diminishing dollar is doing to the value of your retirement portfolio and the effect it can have on your future income. With the stock market riding at record levels and the national debt ceiling as high as it’s ever been, it would seem that a strong market correction is in order. Whether this amounts to a strong correction or a full-scale meltdown re

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