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Market Trends

Market trends are powerful forces. They move industries. Companies move with the trend, change industry, or go out of business. The consumers or buyers of the industry’s goods or services decide where the industry will go.

It sometimes takes a while to notice a trend. What are the trends you have noticed in the private/parochial/Christian school market? Please email us or leave a comment at the end of this article. You can leave a comment without using your real name or a valid email address. If you would like us to respond to you directly please use your name and email address.

Here is a trend we have noticed: The rate of school closures is accelerating. This is a very bad trend for the market. It indicates that donors are losing faith in the schools. It indicates that districts, dioceses, and individual churches are losing faith in schools. It indicates that families are losing faith in schools.

At the same time, charter schools are enjoying growth. Some of the students are from public schools but others are from schools just like yours.

In addition, there is a growth in online schools both those that offer a faith-based curriculum and those without. Their students also come from public schools and schools like yours.

Consider this example. At this moment, 60% of all TVs are flat screen. Try giving away your old TV. It is hard to do. The new high end TVs are 3D. It is easy to make fun of a traditional TV but in truth, there is nothing wrong with it. A flat screen or 3D unit is unable to improve the content, plot, or socially redeeming value of the shows one watches. Other than the cool factor, better color, and sharper definition there is no reason to have one. At the same time, people are trading up even though their traditional TV still works.

We have reached the point where people feel that should they abandon their working TV for different better. The benefits are minimal but the market forces are compelling.

Did you see that shift coming?

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