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Muralists Now Using Digital Technology for Wallpaper Murals

In today’s economy the life of a muralist is a very difficult profession to make ends meet., especially with the innovation of photographic digital wallpaper mural art. Even though this may be true, muralists are still sought out by home owners and businesses in order to add that boost of life to their walls. Unlike photographic murals the look and texture of a hand painted mural adds that little bit of life to murals and some prefer this look, which is why some muralists have found a happy solution to the problem of making money from their profession. The answer is in digital murals. If you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

Digital murals offer a faster and more cost effective way for muralists to showcase and sell their work to the masses. For instance, painting an 8ft by 12ft mural could take hours or even days for both customer and artist and end up costing thousands of dollars. Muralists have now embraced the digital mural trend technology to their advantage. Here’s how they do it. Simply by creating a mural on a smaller scale, perhaps 2ft by 4ft, than scanning sections of the image at a high resolution, piecing them together in a photo program and scaling the image up to the size of the wall, where they can than create a file for digital printers to print. All of this sounds pretty complex but thanks to some online companies, getting a mural made for retail has never been easier. Some wallpaper manufacturers offer scanning, scaling and layout se

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