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Paranormal Hypotheses About UFOs

Paranormal hypotheses about UFOs are all about the thesis and the proposals regarding the Unidentified flying objects or UFOs,Paranormal Hypotheses About UFOs Articles and which are related to or which are said to be the main cause of paranormal activities on the Earth. UFOs have been one of the most talked about aspects of the extra terrestrial body. There are some theories and some evidences that aren’t totally reliable, which tell about the various things happening when a UFO arrives. Also, the existence of aliens is somewhat only imaginary and not to be trusted with blind eyes. Research is being done and the references and photos of UFOs flying on Earth have been making rounds, but its existence hasn’t been truly confirmed, which leave experts with ample room for further research in this area.

UFOs have been defines as a mandala by Carl Jung. Mandala is a type of archetype structure which have found a place in religious texts. These are said to be just figment of imagination of the mind or hallucinations and nothing else. But Erich Von Daniken in his books on ancient alien research has given out an altogether different view. According to him, UFOs have been part of the alien race from ancient times and they would travel to Earth from their home planet on them. He also gave evidence and even said that the trails found in Egypt and Machu Pichu are those that were left by the UFOs of aliens.

Even NASA has altogether found some radar contacts and visual sightings of UFOs but still work is undergoing regarding having contact with these creatures if they really exist. Nonetheless, the evidence and theories that ancient Sanskrit texts and religious texts of various civilizations, have mention of people and flying machines. Also, there are references of Paranormal things happening like earthquake, darkness, cold weather and as such when these UFOs arrive on the Earth. It is even hypotheses that tsunamis and earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions happen because of the sudden arrival of a UFO on the Earth.

There are stories and myths lurking around UFOs, and there are people who are said to have seen these flying objects. Perfect evidence is still not present, but the research is going strong. Ancient literature, monuments and artifacts are being researched upon and being studied to having any evidence regarding the meeting of the ancient people with these aliens. Anunnaki Gods of Mesopotamia times are said to be ancient astronauts or aliens from another planet named Nibiru situated near Neptune. They are sai

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