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Petrol Versus Electric Radio Controlled Models

Radio controlled models come in two basic forms, petrol and electric. There is regular petrol as well as a Nitro fuel mixture. Petrol is just like regular unleaded petrol, just a little more refined to make running in small engines easier. Nitro fuel has a higher octane, and is usually ran in high performance engines that go much faster. Petrol engines are just like the motor you have in your car, but on a much smaller scale.

Electric RC’s are powered by battery packs, supplying power to small electric motors. The power packs are usually 9.6v, and take at least an hour to fully charge. People who prefer using electric vehicles usually have at least two power packs fully charged before they go out. The battery pack can be charged with an adapter plugged into a standard AC outlet, or from the auxiliary port on your car..

There is always some kind of debate over which power supply is better, petrol or electric. There are pros and cons for both types. Rather than say one is better than another, instead you should know the advantages and disadvantages of both sources, so that you can decide for yourself which is better for your needs. The first area we will start is with electric models.

Electric RC models are often easier for beginners to this hobby to deal with. They are really self contained, are easily charged, and last a long time before needing to be recharged. There isn’t any fumes associated with electric vehicles, and electrical motors are not as complex as internal combustion engines. They don’t need as much maintenance either. Electric motors are quieter, have no emissions, and can be run just about anywhere.

Some of the cons about electric RC models is that they are generally not as fast as a petrol engine. The battery packs take a while to fully charge, and while they can be charged up many times, eventually you still have to buy another pack. These battery packs can be expensive, depending on the kind of battery it is. The new lithium-ion batteries can cost th

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