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Prevent AC and Heater Repair With Scheduled Maintenance Checks

When the air goes out during the dead of summer, it’s feels as if cool air was a just a figment of some sci-fi writer’s imagination. The stuffiness makes it impossible to concentrate and hard to breathe. The only thing that can match this situation in terms of discomfort is when the heat’s not working during the chill of winter. Drafty houses ice up quickly, making a house feel like an igloo in the Arctic. It’s just impossible to carry out normal tasks if bundled up like a snowman.

Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems – or HVAC as it’s commonly known – make the world much more comfortable. When something goes wrong with the system, it’s as if disaster struck. At this point, the only solution is to call AC and heater repair professionals. However, scheduling regular HVAC maintenance checks may prevent having to make the AC and heater repair phone call.

The Value of Scheduled Checks

The HVAC system needs to be cleaned and checked once a year to maintain optimal performance. Even if the system still works without a routine maintenance cleaning, it’s not working at optimal performance. To run at full capacity, a HVAC system requires professional attention, at the very least, on an annual basis. Regular checks also extend the life of the whole ventilation system, as well as the equipment that comprises that system.

It’s not just a matter of performance and longevity, either. A HVAC system affects cash flow. First, it lowers energy waste, which lowers energy bills. Second, it saves money on equipment replacements. However, there’s a negative impact, too. A dysfunctional HVAC can cost a business to lose profit.

For example, customers are more likely to spend their money at a competitor’s if the HVAC is not working. This is especially true for restaurants, movie theaters, and other places where customers want to spend time doing an enjoyable activity. Scheduled maintenance checks help avoid lost business. Whether a profit or a loss, HVAC related cash concerns add up.

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