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Recent Amendments to Civil Procedures Law in UAE

As opposed to the previous amendment, the parties and their attorneys were allowed to serve summons to the other party even through the online platform. However, with the 2020 amendments, the parties or their attorneys are not allowed to serve summons through social media, and that authority is only granted to the courts.

    • A new look to the payment orders

One of the more noteworthy changes that the Regulations presented was the expanding the accessibility of payment orders, which was recently restricted to debts emerging out of certain business instruments, to incorporate obligations which are affirmed recorded in writing.

    • The powers of Minor Circuit courts
    • The new Regulations gives that civil, commercial and employment cases of not more than AED 500,000 in worth and cases testing the legitimacy of signatures are to be heard by the minor circuit of the court and to be finished in one hearing. This meeting must be fixed by the CMO within 15 days of the case being enrolled. Further 15-day expansion might be given by the administrative appointed authority of the CMO, yet no further augmentations are allowed. Minor circuit courts may now hear disputes up to AED 10 million in esteem. The purview of the minor circuit court used to be AED 1 million. In addition, the disputes underneath the claim amount of AED 50,000, the judgment of the minor circuit is conclusive and authoritative.
    • Prerequisites for applying travel ban

The new Resolution requires the claimant filing an application for a travel ban shall fulfill the following criteria allo

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