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Satellite Radio Equipment Options

you will subscribe to Sirius or XM. This decision will dictate what brand of equipment you purchase.

Deciding between the two isn’t really too difficult if you review their channels and programming. You may wish to read a few customer reviews of each service, too, but in general, their prices and services are similar enough that channels and programming will be the biggest deciding factor.

Once you’ve opted for either Sirius or XM Satellite Radio, you must decide where and how you want to listen to it. If you spend a lot of time in your car and that is just about the only place you listen to radio, you will probably want the transmitter installed directly in your vehicle. If the kitchen or your dorm room is where you’ll be tuning in, a home receiver may be your best option. For individuals who want to tune in in both their cars and their homes, you can opt for plug and play equipment. Last but not least, personal portable devices are also available.

If you drive more than one vehicle on a regular basis or you just prefer to be able to use satellite radio wherever you are, opt for a plug and play device. Plug and play devices provide a flexible, affordable way to get started. They’re small and easy to carry from your car to your home or office. You don’t need a separate subscription to listen in various locations

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