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Sexual Energy!

How open are we when it comes to talking about sex? We are all so captivated,Guest Posting yet intimidated and shy about sex. It always seems to play in the back of our own minds. My question is just how much are we appreciative of our sexuality?

Whilst growing up we are not taught a great deal about the truth behind our own sexuality. The reason being that society has not allowed us to experiment our true sexuality and what that really means to its full extent. This seems to be so, especially where religion is concerned. There is always the conflict about sexuality with religions on the whole!

What is it that we are afraid of when we come to talk about our sexuality? How well do you communicate your needs and preference of your sexuality with your partner? Or do you even know what your sexual needs and preferences are? How acceptant are you of our own sexuality?

To begin with, we live in a society which has been based upon many old thoughts and ideas that are really no longer functional. These ‘ideas’ have been, in many instances, dictated to us by our own religions and the circumstances we grew up in. Sex has grown to become something we are fearful of in both our conscious and sub-conscious minds. So much so that we are no longer aware of how to approach or handle the subject! In reality, we should not allow this to be our obstacle or a setback in sexual life. We must now take the initiative to try to figure out our own sexuality.

What is Sexuality? Sexuality is defined as the individual inclination of any human soul for their sexual preference.

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