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Stainless steel Nio teapot set

British born designer Oliver Hemming contemporary classics have won universal praise for their combination of unique styling and practicality. Each piece an individual work of art,Guest Posting his designs have won several awards. Taking over three years, developing this tea set proved to be a unique challenge for Oliver Hemming and hi

MORPHE Nio teapot has a beautiful, simple and practical design. British designer Oliver Hemming studied silver-smiting and product design in art school and since then, he has been making innovative and accessible designs, most recently with the nio collection. Nio and is the latest design by Oliver Hemming. See the complete set which is beautifully boxed as a gift set. Beautiful and unique teaspoon set come from the nio collection designed by Oliver Hemming.

MORPHE Nio teapot is very unusual set comprises teapot with infuser, milk jug, sugar bowl and spoon and is made in polished 18/10 stainless steel. Developed over the past 3 years it is a unique and challenging collection called Morphe and is the latest design by Oliver Hemming. This was the first word uttered by our entire staff when we first saw this fantastic new teapot by Morphe from Oliver Hemming. Three years from initial drawings to final production, this new product range is set to gain iconic status in the design world!

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