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Test your stress levels before you book

If you have then it may affect your choice of holiday,Test your stress levels before you book Articles your means of travel.
• Going through an airport is a high stress situation.
• Charging around the countryside on an explorer expedition can be stressful.
• Driving long distances is stressful.
Sitting by the pool and swimming a few lazy laps is not stressful. As is resting in the countryside. Or anywhere else where you feel relaxed and serene.
First you need to get a point score. Notice the questions only apply to the last six months. Not your lifetime.
During the past six months:
• Has your partner died? 20 points.

• Have you become divorced or separated from your partner? 15 points.
• Has a close relation (other than husband or wife) died? 13 points.
• Have you been in hospital because of injury or illness? 11 points.
• Have you married, or effected a reconciliation with your partner after a separation? 10 points.
• Have you discovered you are soon to become a parent? 9 points.
• Has there been a major change, whether for better or worse, in the health of a close member of your family? 9 points.
• Have you lost your job or retired? 9 points.
• Are you experiencing any sexual difficulties? 8 points.
• Has a new member been born or married into your intimate family circle? 8 points.
• Has a close friend died? 8 points.
• Have your finances got markedly better or worse? 8 points.
• Have you changed your job? 8 points.
• Have any of your children moved out of the family home or started or finished school? 6 points
• Is trouble with in-laws causing tension within your family? 6 points.
• Is there anyone at home or at work whom you dislike strongly? 6 points.
• Do you frequently suffer from premenstrual tension? 6 points.
• Have you had a resounding personal success, such as rapid promotion at work? 6 points.
• Have you experienced “jet lag” at least twice? 8 points.
• Has there been a major domestic upheaval such as moving hou

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