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The Most Misused Tool in Meetings

Lisa came to the meeting ready to participate.  She had some specific ideas that she wanted to share – ideas that she thought would help the team move forward on the problem they were discussing.  The meeting got off to a good start and everyone was involved in the discussion. At what seemed like the appropriate time,The Most Misused Tool in Meetings Articles Lisa shared her idea.

People didn’t seem as enthused about it as she thought they might.  So she talked a bit more about it, hoping they would understand.  Some other people didn’t think her idea was quite on track with the discussion, but some others became more interested and asked questions about her idea and the issues that would surround it if it were implemented.

Soon the facilitator suggested that Lisa’s idea was a good one, but that she was going to put her idea in the Issue Bin – so that we could get on with the meeting agenda – and that the group could get back to her idea later.

Lisa’s heart sank.  She’d seen this happen before.  In the last company she worked for they called this Issue Bin thing a Parking Lot.  Once your idea got put in the Parking Lot, it was gone forever.  In fact, in her mind she’d quit calling it a Parking Lot and started calling it the Black Hole – a place where ideas go, never to be seen again. . .

The Tool

In case you’ve never been to a meeting where an Issue Bin

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