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What is black metal

categories, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The name of ferrous and non-ferrous metals often let people mistakenly think that black metal must be black, it is not right. There are only three kinds of black metals: iron, manganese and chromium. But three of them are not black! According tometal powder supplier, pure iron is silvery white; Manganese is silvery white; chrome is gray. Because iron surface often rusty, covered with a layer of black iron oxide and brown iron oxide mixture that looked black. No wonder that people call it “black metal”. Often say “ferrous metallurgy industry” is mainly refers to the steel industry. Because the most common alloy is manganese and chromium steel, so that manganese and chromium are also considered to be “black metal”.

In addition to iron, manganese, chromium, other metals are regarded as non-ferrous metals. In the non-ferrous metals, also have a variety of classifications. For example, according to the proportion, the specific gravity of aluminum, magnesium, lithium, sodium, potassium and the like are less than 5, called “light metals”, and the specific gravity of copper, zinc, nickel, mercury, tin, lead and so on are greater than 5, called “heavy metal”. Like gold, silver, platinum, osmium, iridium

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