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Why $5 Articles and Auto Blogging Make Sites Look Lame

Recently there has been a quiet trend on the Internet that is eating away at the web like a super virus. I’m talking about $5 article writing and auto blogging.

Five dollar articles are exactly what they sound like. Writers create informational articles on any topic for just $5. I’ve even seen 3 for $5.

Auto blogging uses software to grab articles off the Net, then add them to a website — all based around a specific subject.

“This all sounds amazing!” you say. “How could there be anything wrong with dirt cheap articles and website building software that puts up hundreds of websites with the click of a button?”

The problem is sites using $5 articles and auto blogging software are usually LAME. They are boring, often unintelligible, and are rapidly filling the Internet with useless junk.

I’ll immediately get hate email from folks who have bought into the hype. But I’m not buying. This trend is deadly.

1) The case for $5 articles: It takes about an hour for a professional writer to create a 500 word article — the standard length for websites. Writing a $5 article means you earn $5 per hour. And that’s only if you can have articles jobs backed up for days.

Most writers have college degrees. Not all of them, but certainly most. How many college educated folks do you know who get up every morning excited to make 5 bucks per hour.

Writing is also very hard mental work. Writers burn out after two to three months of feverish writing. They get where they can’t stand to see a keyboard. I know about this personally as I used run an office full of pro writers.

That’s why article writers in the past have charged at least $25 to $30 to create an article. Those who are really good and have lots of experience charge considerably more. You get what you pay for.

So how might $5 articles be inferior?

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