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Why Is Organic Food Better Than Non-Organic?

There’s a number of advantages to organic food, and everybody has to put those into their own needs and their own frame of reference. Sometimes we have to find out why it’s personally valuable to us to consider that organic foods have the value that offsets the additional cost that we have to pay for them.

The food that we take into our body is always broken down into nutrients or little particles, and those could all be classified as one of three things: they’re either building blocks or fuel, or something that can be converted or recycled into a building block or fuel, or rubbish which is a waste product. Hopefully the rubbish stays in your digestive system and then it’s washed out and leaves as waste, the way a trash should go out.

But sometimes rubbish is absorbed because your body isn’t sure whether it can be used as fuel or a building block. So it really isn’t sure of it right then, or it’s very small and it passes through the guard because it’s not really recognized. That rubbish is called the toxin. It’s in your body and something will need to be done with it to find a safe way of escorting it out.

The biggest benefit of organic food is that they have less toxins in them; less things that we absorb in to our system that our bodies might not know how to deal with. We tend to think of toxins as a poison, like a one-dose thing, like you take arsenic or something and you drop dead. But what really happens is these chemicals add up in our body, and they begin to cause problems over time.

In today’s world there are really thousands of them that are being introduced into our environment, into the environment of the food that we eat, absorbed through our skin, and they’re placing a burden on our bodies. Even if they aren’t poi

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