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Why some CEO’s are poor people leaders

Crocodiles lay only eggs.  Should we admire a crocodile by describing it to be a very big aquatic reptile,Why some CEO's are poor people leaders Articles can live in land and water, is a very powerful predator, lives for several long years, has ever growing teeth etc., or should criticize and laugh at it by seeing the fact that despite all, still it lays only eggs and cannot deliver young crocodiles?

Although, crocodiles are amazing animals with several admiring qualities, but indeed they are oviparous or egg laying animals.  Oviparous behaviour is considered biologically, more precisely from the developmental biology angle, is primitive.  By just taking this quality, can we ever call this gigantic animal, primitive?


The biological classification of primitive and evolved group of animals has only very limited scope for extrapolation.  Hence the biological definitions should not be stretched beyond a point.  This piece of advice is very essential for all the people in the corporate world than for the scientists.

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