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Xbox 360 News – Get the Latest News and Info Today

The Xbox 360 gaming console is second installment with regard to the Xbox line of gaming consoles manufactured and produced by the multinational company Microsoft. It has sold millions of units across the world since its first release last 2005. As of April 2009, Microsoft has stated that the Xbox 360 has sold 29 million units in various parts of the world, making it one of the top selling gaming consoles available for everyone and anyone to enjoy. This information came from the Xbox 360 News website and other numerous Xbox dedicated websites that help both the

Also, this Xbox 360 News website provides the latest news and information on the newest releases of Xbox 360 titles as of today. Since there are thousands and thousands of titles available for it and there are still pending and soon to be released ones, this Xbox 360 News truly helps all of the gamers as of today. The wonderful thing about this Xbox 360 News features is that it can be accessed in the Xbox 360 gaming console itself. All there is to it is the need for an active internet connection and the Xbox 360 gaming console can be used to browse the internet for the latest in Xbox 360 games, patches and releases.

Truly, this Xbox 360 News feature is a great help to all of the gamers whether beginners or veterans alike. As such, Xbox 360 is one of the top service providing gaming consoles available in the market as of today. So, do want to get updated on the latest concerning xbox 360 gaming console? Then you have to sign up with a membership site that will put you through today.

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